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Jazz Theatre

Pick what suits your need...


  • Defining Divas - 30 min 

Concert Hall​

  • Singing the Legacy - 45 to 60 min

Main Stage

  • Jazz Rhapsody - 90 min



Take a "captivating", award-winning vocalist with a double-sided, prolific career in professional theatre and jazz...

Add exquisite accompaniment and a musical mosaic of classic jazz and jazz-painted contemporary favorites, spoken word;  plus a dash of theatrical elegance and flavor. That's what we call JazzTheatre.   It is certainly the most fitting label for Connye's engaging   "Jazz Rhapsody" and "Singing The Legacy" shows.  


Showcasing the music of Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Billy Strayhorn  and other icons of America's original music, "Singing the Legacy" ( formerly showcased as 'A Legacy of Melodies") takes you on a  90 minute journey across 6 decades of timeless music, "Jazz Rhapsody" expands the visual with a full band and set and digs deeper to reveal the powerful impact of jazz music on our cultural history.

Lovingly dubbed "The Dynamic Duo" by fans, professional peers and friends alike,

Connye Florance and Kevin Madill not only make lush, beautiful music together; they bring you an engaging experience in jazz expression that is perfectly and powerfully in sync. 

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