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Connye Florance, Vocalist,  Vocal coach, Teaching artist

"I'm here to believe in you, hear you, be honest with you and help you improve."

I get immense joy from helping others reach their goals and overcome their vocal performance presentation fears which often block their success. Every person has the capacity to learn and grow skills at any pinnacle of life. My philosophy includes the strong belief that gentle honesty is the kindest offering to be given to anyone, particularly to people putting themselves up for public scrutiny or digest as performing artists or public speakers.


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Connye Florance isn't just a vocal coach, she's a vocal therapist!  Her kind honesty and head-on approach to teaching have changed my life.  She doesn't just hear she sees you, and that's priceless!  She's an empath whose strengths include helping others dismantle negative and limiting mindsets.                                             A. Monroe                                                                                     

One-on-One classes online

Tailored to your need


"I have gained invaluable skills from several gifted vocal instructors.  But Connye Florance was the one who brought it all together for me.    She introduced me to a confidence and a voice that felt true to me.  Connye is top shelf, all the way."                                                B. Parker

Connye knows how to bring out the best  in you. The lessons were matched to my abilities and experience, and I always feel challenged – which I like. Connye is a great teacher and motivator, and l look forward to continuing the journey of exploring and developing with her.        

                                                        M. Brooks

Connye is the BEST! She raised my stage confidence level immensely. . I am connecting with the audience like never before and enjoying every minute of it.  

                                             S. Crowe

Voice Lessons 
Beginner -Intermediate

Students age 14 to 65  


Get one-on-one lessons via Zoom, Facetime or  Google Meet.  Study from wherever you are!

  • Grow your skills and confidence.

  • Explore your voice and what it can do. 

  •  Get singing basics and exercises for improving pitch, strengthening breath support and reducing stage fright.

  • Prep and Polish audition materials

  • Explore a variety of songs in a variety of genres to zero in on your style 'home' 

  • Professional feedback on your progress, identify problem areas for growth.

 Coaching for
Public Speakers

Beginners  to  Professionals


Enhance your public Speaking Skills  One-on-one coaching via Facetime, Zoom or Google Meet

  • Improve the ease of  presentation delivery

  • Strengthen your voice

  • Enhance your stage presence

  • Improve audience engagement

  • Control Anxiety

Artist Repertoire Backing Tracks

Get quality  backing tracks of your songs in your key for practice or performance use.

Contact Connye for Coaching

Thank you for your submission! We'll reply to get you scheduled shortly!

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